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Analysis of Usability: is everything "at hand"

A professionally developed unique site in terms of the impact on the audience is significantly ahead of other advertising media.

Time is a precious and (alas) irreplaceable resource. Rarely does it give a second chance to make a favorable impression on the client. Entering the Internet page, he within 2-3 seconds makes the decision on expediency of the further stay on it.

Only inspiring confidence, meeting the notions of convenience, comfort and reliability, the resource is able to attract and retain the visitor. The study and analysis of guest activity on the page, the actualization of the site - at the junction of the laws of psychology and marketing - are at the heart of the professionalism of developers.

Usability (usability) of the resource, unique design and content are designed to distinguish the company among competitors, to capture the attention of the guest from the first "click".

Find out how the construction and functionality of the site meet their purpose, tastes and preferences of the audience, will allow testing usability.

The procedure performed professionally will identify vulnerable and inefficient areas:

  1. Attractive, but inconvenient interface, complicating the ordering process.
  2. Quality text content. Readable texts, layout and formatting - will increase the conversion of the resource.
  3. Relevance of landing pages - the correspondence of the proposed information to the needs of the target audience.
  4. Implementation of the dialogue with the client.

Analysis and testing of site usability, studying the indicators of web analytics will allow you to understand the behavior of users, to develop a strategy aimed at improving the efficiency of your business.