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PSIDesignBusiness card design

Base price 50$

Design of business cards

The business card, ceasing to be an attribute of a representative of a high society, has become firmly established in the world of business people, becoming an indispensable element of business etiquette.

A small (5 x 9 cm) media - designed to recommend its owner, to emphasize its status and, at the same time, respect for the opponent.

Correctly submitted - the basic information will save time for the presentation of officials (business partners) in the course of negotiations, presentations, meetings, visits. Even on an informal trip, on vacation - a business card - must have for a business person.

This least expensive, but highly effective promotional product will form the first impression of the company and its products. To meet its purpose, it is necessary to consider its appearance (gamma, font, composition) and text content - in accordance with the brand-book and the company logo (if necessary, we will develop them).

Things to consider:

Material for business cards: plastic, paper, designer cardboard - should be chosen depending on the method of drawing the image, the need for additional effects (post-printing work). Widely distributed: offset, digital and silk-screen printing methods.

Designers of our agency will develop a unique appearance of the business card, taking into account the specifics of the company's activities, its traditions and ambitions.