Project finalization

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We offer design, development of new and maintenance of already functioning CRM and ERP-systems. These modern and high-performance planning and resource management systems of the company, working through the browser and on mobile devices, will allow to conduct business remotely and efficiently.

They allow you to build successful relationships with customers on the Web, automate the company's internal processes.

To make the online resource a full-fledged asset (working tool), a complex of professional services is required: creation of web-applications and programs, vector design, website promotion, unique text and visual content, etc.

Adapting to the rapidly changing business environment, the web-resource needs regular and professional refinement (changes) of its original concept:

  • expansion of functionality, automation of standard operations;
  • changes in the access rights to various functions for different groups of users;
  • sales management;
  • management of document circulation, logistics and status of applications;
  • editing of directories;
  • analysis and administration of the information base;
  • management of employees' working hours with the help of organizer applications.

We provide support at all stages: from the correct setting of technical specifications to the finalization of a functioning project. Together we will make your Internet resource more effective.