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Base price 1000$

Online store - a modern and effective model of business intensification, positioned on the sale of something.

Conversion of sales to online mode is a budget and operational solution for companies and individuals-entrepreneurs

Below are just some of the advantages for the site owner

  1. Minimizing overhead costs for the maintenance of staff managers and retail areas
  2. Adaptability and mobility - the ability to manage a business remotely
  3. Easy site management - even a person inexperienced in information technology, in due course can independently update (update) the text and photo content
  4. Management system, based on "open source", which does not "bind" the customer to the contractor
  5. Having mastered optimization tools (SEO, mailing, etc.), you can promote your trading platform, ahead of competitors, keep the company's high brand rating

These and other techniques will allow you to quickly increase sales volumes, increase the profitability of the seller - with minor initial investments.

And what is the attractiveness of the online store for the customer?

Judge for yourself:

  • a catalog of products available around the clock;
  • the opportunity to buy the desired (order a service) while in the habitual habitat;
  • commission of a purchase protected by law;
  • free consultations and information about new products, feedback on products (services)

Address to professionals, and you will receive an effective tool for increasing sales.