Project concept

PSIDesignProject concept

Base price 1000$

The initial stage in the development of the concept of the project is the formulation of basic ideas, assumptions and hypotheses. At the stage of agreement with the client, we solve three fundamental problems that have an application value in the modeling of a web resource:

  • creation of a unified database of ideas taking into account the business development strategy;
  • their evaluation by users;
  • formation of a common vision for the developers and the customer of the project.

Basic ideas will form the basis for the development of functionality, tools, determine the requirements for content and the construction of an information structure.

Participation of the customer in the process of concept development, correct responses from users - will allow in practice to optimize weak or incorrect links.

Some of it will have the character of postulates. The other is the hypothesis that the viability is to be tested in practice: during testing, design development, and when the resource is working. If the concept of the online store involves the use of pre-order, we will provide the user with a mechanism for implementing this opportunity.

Time will tell whether individual options are in demand. The most important task remains attracting the client to the boutique.

The analysis of the collected information is the basis of the model, allowing you to choose the most effective and modern solutions that meet the needs of the customer and the needs of consumers.