Contextual advertising

PSIPromotionContextual advertising

Base configuration of campaign 100$

Campaign support 20$/Month

You noticed that among the responses to a specific query on Google or another search engine, among other things, there are necessarily ads that offer an object within your circle of interest - what is meant by the context?

These ads - contextual advertising - stand out against the background of regular offers. They are located higher, attract and retain the attention of a bright laconic picture and, in addition, they are not associated with annoying advertising.

As a result, they "clicks" more often - from the first day of placement. As a rule, a visitor is already interested in the transition to your site. This explains the instant and high effect of contextual advertising.

How it works

  1. We will create, place a contextual advertisement of your product / service in the famous Google Adwords search engines, etc., where thousands of users can see them daily.
  2. The project manager thinks about the strategy of the advertising company: the design (based on your brandbook), placement, key queries, text content, contact information
  3. A strategist, analyst, and copywriter - a specialist in conducting your advertising project will track the activity of users, make the necessary adjustments taking into account the interests of site visitors.
  4. Based on the monthly detailed reports, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisement, make the necessary changes. In the future, you only pay "clicks" - the real transitions on the ad

Collaborative efforts will help make your business advertising relevant and as effective as possible.