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To date, many CRM-systems have been developed and implemented, which automate the process of interaction with the consumer. Customer-centered companies are constantly in search of the best, most effective solution for maintaining relationships with existing customers, and actively attracting new ones.

One of the directions of our activity is the technical support of the CRM project (outsourcing).

No matter, ours is a development or an existing project implemented by other developers - we will provide a set of professional services:

  • solving current problems (so-called "burning");
  • diagnostics and detection of problems that reduce its performance during the operation of the CRM system;
  • Support, improvement, maintenance of the system infrastructure.

In search of the optimal solution, we will support the customer at all stages: from the correct formulation of the problem to helping in the selection of the application, its "running in".

IT specialists will make the necessary adjustments to the structure and functionality of the CRM system, reflect the inevitable changes in the company's business processes.

We will ensure the fault-tolerant work of previously implemented projects, we will provide professional advice on open issues.

We will offer solutions that will increase the effectiveness of a unique project, reduce operational costs, and improve the interaction of the parties involved in the business process.