Corporate identity design

PSIDesignCorporate identity design

Price 1000$

Development of corporate style

It is not enough for an experienced buyer to simply offer a quality product - you need to effectively submit it, make it desirable for the majority and the most competitive among similar ones.

Stable in the minds of the consumer steady positive associations of your brand with eternal values ​​- "Quality", "Good", "Success" - a competent marketing and advertising strategy.

Corporate identity will be used in the future. Development and manufacturing of corporate products: catalogs, packaging, letterheads and envelopes, promo materials and e-mail-mailings - must be sustained in a corporate style.

The first step will be the development of a unique and recognizable style of the company / product. Specialists of our agency will develop a unique intellectual resource:

  • Brand-book of the company - proprietary color scheme
  • Trademark (logo), font, other information and visual aids
  • Naming - a "working" name for a trademark or company
  • Slogan, brand legend
  • Advertising texts, PR articles, etc.

The concept will be based on: an analysis of your economic niche, the specifics of the activity, individual wishes.

Professionally designed corporate style powerfully influences the consumer, and strengthens the internal corporate spirit - it rallies the company, allows for more effective management of the business.