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A logo is a symbol that represents a particular subject or product: graphic, text, or combined. The latter combines symbols of graphic and verbal type (image and word or letters, numbers).

Its development is a responsible process in which the customer and developers participate on an equal footing. A professional approach requires from all coherence of actions and in-depth analysis of many components. Among the most important: the scope of activities, corporate and business philosophy of the company, development strategy, consumer characteristics of the product itself, the target group.

The logo (a unique trademark) is the basis of the corporate style. Once designed, it is able to solve many practical problems throughout the life of the company:

  • effectively advertises the offered goods / services;
  • highlights among competitors;
  • makes a first impression on the consumer;
  • forms sustainable associations - with quality, reliability, exclusivity;
  • this is a kind of quality sign, a status indicator;
  • protects products from counterfeiting.

Literate - laconic and visually clear, filled with meaning and a compositionally thought-out logo is easier to remember. It forms stable positive associations, contributes to the rapid and successful promotion of the company in the market and quite a material response of the consumer.