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Base price 700$

The site-catalog is a hybrid information-selling resource, where the main place is given to the catalog of goods (services) with a detailed description, video and photographic materials.

Its purpose is to familiarize the potential client with the range of products offered. And (between us) - gently induce him to make the right decision: to buy goods here, to return again and recommend this resource to his friends.

In many ways similar to the online store, it is endowed with a unique functionality.

It is

  • Logical navigation, simplifying the procedure of searching / acquaintance / ordering / acquisition
  • Multilevel cataloging based on a number of criteria: manufacturer, model / brand, purpose, consumer characteristics, etc.
  • Information items associated with a commodity item - articles, instructions
  • Pages-cards of goods - with their image, brief description, price (or, at the request of the Customer, - a single page where all the commodity items are located)
  • Built-in filters to quickly find the right product (properties, name, price)
  • Ability to compare several commodity items
  • The withdrawal of recommended (related) goods - related, similar
  • Feedback form (dialog box), order control
  • Additional options: "basket", comments, sales, new items, "sales leader"

The only thing missing from the catalog site is the ability to optimize the company's internal business processes. In the rest - it's a full-selling selling tool.