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Base price 700$

Business card site

A small site (from 1 to 5 web pages) is static or dynamic. Here, in a concise form, information is provided on a physical or legal person:

  • Areas of activity (goods / services)
  • Prices, terms of cooperation
  • Contact Information

Its task is to attract and retain the attention of the potential client. This will help with such tools: graphics, animation or Flash-technology. In the latter case - the only website of the site - the way to download the Flash-application that plays the information clip.

Why is it done?

  • To optimize the costs for the company's personal representation in the network, which is very convenient for small companies
  • To make a favorable impression on potential clients or partners from the first meeting

A logical one-level structure is designed to convey to the opponent the main thing, to save his time, and to incline to make a positive decision.

Accelerate the development of a clear statement of tasks. Correctly compiled brief (terms of reference) - will help to understand the specifics of the company's activities, designate the target audience, offer the optimal in terms of structure, structure and budget configuration.