Landing page creation

PSIDevelopmentLanding page creation
Landing Page as a call to action

Agency of IT-solutions offers a set of services to create unique modern tools to increase the productivity of advertising and expand the range of clients.

One of them - Landing Page - landing page / landing page. Technically, this is a microsite of one / several pages (no more than 5), used to collect data about the target audience. A compact web page contains information about the product (service) in the form of an enhanced promotional offer motivating to purchase.

How it works

One way is to go to Landing Page through links from information media networks, newsletters, etc.

Main goals

  1. Convert an occasional guest to a customer / buyer
  2. Differentiating visitors to the landing page, accumulating data about their interests and behavior on the page
  3. Analysis of these data will allow us to further evaluate the effect of advertising, placing the desire and needs of representatives of different groups

To sharpen the attention of visitors to the main goal and to strengthen the effect of the landing page will allow such techniques:

  • slogans that keep attention (calling for action) headlines that "sell" texts;
  • quality content, capable of 3 or more times to improve the efficiency of its work;
  • A PIN (a proposal that can not be rejected), submitting your product as a must have, for a potential client;
  • User feedback - in text and video format;
  • high-quality visualization of the described product (photo or video).

Strengthen the effect of designed web design techniques that focus on the benefits of the proposal: a minimal design, a dialog box, countdown timers and more.

How is the development going
1. Meeting with Client

Cost of Landing Page development starts from 500$