E-mailing layout

PSIDevelopmentE-mailing layout

Base price 100$

We offer comprehensive IT solutions for online business, provide technical support, quickly solve operational issues, create new ones and promote already functioning websites.

If you are not sure of your abilities - entrust the layout of E-mail distribution to professionals, because a minor error in the HTML-code can reduce the effectiveness of the campaign as a whole.

How it works

  • Sending from 300 emails per minute - to all postal providers
  • Tracking and analyzing the activities of recipients (openings, clicks in social networks, unsubscribes, geography, etc.) - on one visual panel of statistics - will allow you to manage your business more efficiently
  • Protection against spam e-mails
  • Incarnation of the most unexpected client's ideas (transactional mailings, triggers), motivating a potential client
  • Ability to update letters, create new ones - using ready-made professional templates or independently
  • Using dynamic content will make it possible to send personalized emails that flatter the audience

Using professional adaptive templates, block editor with mobile preview, you can control all stages of writing, achieving its ideal "sound" on any device.

The effectiveness of the method you will feel during the first month of the introduction of email mailing to work - will increase the volume of sales and downloads to your site, including repeated ones.